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письмо на английском плохие и хорошие привычки для того, чтобы быть здоровым(  не из интернета)

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    Ответ дан anastasiyavasi
    Ну можно так:
    There are useful and harmful habits. Some bad habits - smoking , eating junk food and late-night dining , watch too much TV and not go to bed at the usual time. You may notice that you have a need to snack between meals or after dinner dessert for no particular reason . Want it just because you have done this for years , and now this - your habit . Or you might not like to eat vegetables, but you really just do not have the habit of eating vegetables and may take some time to learn to love them .
    If you are serious about living a healthy lifestyle , you should examine their beneficial and harmful habits. Do these habits are bad for you ? if so , you should gradually replace them with good habits . Simply because if you do something for years does not mean that you can not change it. No matter how deeply rooted your habits , you can change this position for a short period of time .

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