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складіть будь-ласка текст 10 речень на англійському про одяг та моду

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    Whatever it said, and the first impression of the man is for her appearance. Each of us wants to dress smart and elegant. Good taste has always been a sign of good breeding. The word fashion pushes us to think about the clothes, but means a broader concept. Even the translation of the Latin word that means "tool", "style", is closely related to many areas of human activity. But her relationship with clothes is most noticeable. The views on fashion are more controversial. Let us recall how fashion has evolved. Living in a cave not required to wear certain aesthetic features. There was a practical need to warm the body, prevent it from being damaged. For this purpose, used a variety of handy tools that later became the impetus for the creation of the costume. Gradually, with the development of civilization, the clothing was taken also as a decoration. A concept of beauty in all people were his own. The views on fashion changed with the change of social system, they often affect even the strangeness of influential people who often use long clothes to hide their disability (Charles VIII hid behind his long robe horrible feet, and Louis XIV introduced a wig to cover baldness).
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