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задание придумать 15-20 предложений на тему "я четко помню день когда мне купили собаку"

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    Ответ дан choco1

    Since a very young age I've dreamt about having a dog. When I saw a dog, I would beg my mom to buy me one. However, my parents used to find many excuses not to do so. One day I gave up on my dream...

    It was a regular day, I came back home from school. I noticed that my mom and dad were late for dinner and started to worry. When I called them, they asked me not to worry and be patient as they had a really pleasant surprise for me and my brother. I got excited although I had no clue what that surprise would be...When they finally came home, I was on cloud nine! I couldn't believe my eyes, my mom was holding a tiny puppy! It was a dream come true! That day was the best day of my childhood. I arranged a place for my new puppy where he could sleep and eat. He was so tiny that I was afraid to hold him in my arms but I got used to it eventually. I will never forget the day I met my best friend forever whose name is (Имя собаки)!

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