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2. Rewrite these statements in reported speech.                                                                                                          

     Example:  ‘I’m sorry but I can’t come to the party,’ John said.

                       John said (that) he was sorry but he couldn’t come to the


1.      He often said, ‘I never smoke.’

2.      ‘I’ve lost my English book,’ John told his teacher.

3.      ‘We’re going to Paris next week,’ they said.

4.      She said, ‘I went to London yesterday.’

5.      ‘I will give him my book,’ he said.

6.      ‘We’ve been waiting for a long time,’ the woman said.

7.      ‘I’m telephoning from the US,’ Peter said.

8.      Helen told me, ‘I don’t like oranges.’

9.      ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before,’ the professor said.

10.  The teacher told us, ‘Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade.’


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    Ответ дан Natasha914

    1) He often said (that) he never smoked.

    2) John told his teacher (that) he had lost his English book.

    3) They said (that)  they were going to Paris the following week.

    4) She said (that) she had gone to London  the day before.

    5) He said (that) he would give him  his book.

    6) The woman said (that) they had been waiting for a long time.

    7)  Peter said (that) he was telephoning from the US.

    8)  Helen told me (that) she didn't like oranges.

    9)  The professor said (that) he had never seen anything like this before.

    10) The teacher told us (that)  water boiled at 100 degrees centigrade.

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