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помогите пожалуйста вот задание

Put in the if necessary.

вот    примеры:

1) The writer  visited ____   Canada and  _____  USA.

2) Kilimanjaro is ____  on _____ Thames.

3) _____ London is on _____  Thames.

4)_____ Europe is smaller  than _____ Africa.

5) _____  Pacific  Ocean is _____ biggest  ocean in _____ world/

6) London  is famous  for ____ Houses of Parliament , _____ Westminster Abbey, ____ Tower  Bridge,_____ British  Museum and _____ Tower of London. 

7) Have you  ever been to ____ Kremin?

8) My pen friend  lives in ____ Trumpington Streer, in ____ Cambridger.

9) It was  her ____   first  visit to ____ United Kingdom.

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    Ответ дан Juliyasha11

    1) The writer visited Canada and the USA.

    2) Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa (?)

    3) London is on the Thames.

    4) Europe is smaller than Africa.

    5) The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean in the world.

    6) London is famous for the Houses of Parliament , Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, the British Museum and the Tower of London.

    7) Have you ever been to the Kremlin?

    8) My pen friend lives in Trumpington Street, in Cambridge.

    9) It was her first visit to the United Kingdom.

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