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How do students in the USA and in the UK spend their free time?

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    I think they go to the cinema, theater, park all the normal teenagers .
    I have one friend who lives in USA. He likes to sit at home and correspond with with his friends on the internet and go to the cinema, loves going to the zoo and the water-park with his family.

    He has a girlfriend who loves to draw and to play computer games. Nick and his friends often goes together to the computer club to play counter strike.

    I live in UK and I like to dance,play football and volleyball .I love reading books it is very interesting .My favorite book - "Robinson Crusoe," written by Daniel Defoe. Defoe (1660 - 1731) and i like to read Romeo and Juliet.

    I think that students who live in America and students who live in other countries that they love to do the same things ;)

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