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Write what democracy means to you?

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                   From throughout the history people search for something they cannot explain. Somebody is sure that it is love, while others think that it is justice. There are people who say that it is the meaning of life, but for me it is democracy. Democracy is a state of life when people feel that everything happening around makes them happy. Democracy is an utopia, when everyone feels absolutely satisfied by the politics, level of living.

                   From the hand of jurisdiction, democracy is a power of nation. From that view, I can say that democracy is a compromise between people. As long as everyone has his own opinion, or opinion that he took from somebody else, power of nation cannot be held without a compromise. For example, there are people who want their country to become stronger despite the looses. That group of people forms the block of war-willing citizens. Others do not find it appropriate to solve the problems by the means of war. If democracy is held correctly, both views are to be taken into account. Here comes the other problem - there is no compromise between war and peace. But the democracy is not only a compromise, it may also be the power of the majority. So, the democracy is sometimes the compromise, and other times - the power of majority, but both views supposes the nation to have power on their hands.

                   From the other hand, democracy is an utopia of the satisfaction of all citizens. There are people who think that if democracy is the power of nation, so they rule the country and they are to be not less satisfied than politicians, or businessmen. However, it is an utopia close to the communism. In a reality it is impossible to satisfy all people, but only a little layer of population in whose hands is the power. Majority of people do not will to conquer other countries or establish peace, but to live a good life.  So democracy is an utopia, when people are satisfied by their life.

                   To sum up, democracy is an utopia. From the one hand, it is an utopia of having government which takes actions that people want it to take. In spite of the actions it takes, government will always leave some people not pleased by what it does. From the other hand, democracy is a satisfaction of citizens by their own lives. It is also unreachable, as it is an utopia that everyone can be reach, or even not poor. However, the layer or politicians, businessmen, criminals can be reach. But it is a contradiction to the original meaning of democracy - power of nation, or the majority. So the democracy is an unreachable utopia, is it good to try to set it?

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