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Complete the questions.1)Jane never visit picture galleries...?
2)We have no pets at home,...?
3)There is no castle in our town,...?
4)Jack can't play water polo,...?
5)There was a river near our country house,...?
6)Our trip was vere intersting,...?
7)There was no forest there,...?
8)We never play badminton,...? 

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    1) Jane never visits picture galleries, does she?

    2) We have no pets at home, do we?

    3) There is no castle in our town, is there ?

    4) Jack can't play water polo, can he?

    5) There was a river near our country house, wasn't there?

    6) Our trip was very interesting, wasn't it?

    7) There was no forest there, was there?

    8) We never play badminton, do we?

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