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помогите, пожалуйста, завалы! Задание легкое!

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    Ответ дан tasiamoroz
    1)How many people do live  in your home?
    2)What time do you start school?
    3)who teaches you English?
    4)which teacher does give you the most homework?
    5)how much homework do you usually get?
    6)where did you go last summer?
    7)who  tооk this photo of you?
    8)where did you buy that CD?
    8)who gave you that T-shirt?
    1)Who sent a letter to Mandy?...
    2)what did send with the letter?....
    3)who did phone last night?....
    4)why did she phone her?....
    5)who answered the phone?....(ответ)

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