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раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в present simple или past simple
1. they (to be) in london last month?
2.Who of your friens (to speak) English?
3. How many lessons you ( to have) every day?
4. I (not to be) at home yesterday, I ( to go) for a walk.
5 He usually ( to sleep) well. But last night he ( to sleep) bad.
6. Your sister ( to be) a doctor? - Yes, she ( to become) a doctor two years ago.
7.He ( not to shave) today bacause he ( not to have) time.
8. You (to get) up early on Sunday's? - Yes. But last Sunday i (to sleep) till ten o'clock.
9.When you ( to leave) the meeting yesterday?
10. She ( to enjoy) the film, wich we ( to see) last week?
11. Why your parents ( to be) so angry last night? - Because my brother ( to be ) late.

  1. Ответ
    Ответ дан TheDeep
    1. were they
    2. speak
    3. do you have
    4. was not, went
    5. sleeps, slept
    6. is your sister, became
    7. didn`t shave, didn`t have
    8. do you ger up, slept
    9. did you left
    10. did she enjoy, saw
    11. were, was
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      Ответ дан Анюта997
      спасибо большое
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      Ответ дан TheDeep
      не за что))
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