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Put into Past Tenses using Sequence of Tenses
1. She realizes that nobod will come.
2. We understand that she saw nothing.
3. He says he will arrive in some days.
4. My mother is sure I already have come.
5. I don't know they are in the room.
6. We suppose the rain will stop in some hours.
7.He says he never has been to London.
8. We want to know who was singing in the next room.

  1. Ответ
    Ответ дан Werrina
    1. She realized that nobody would come.
    2. We understood that she had seen nothing.
    3. He said he would arrive in some days.
    4. My mother was sure I had already come.
    5. I didn't know they were in the room.
    6. We supposed the rain would stop in some hours.
    7.He said he had never  been to London.
    8. We wanted to know who had been singing in the next room.
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