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Пожалуста очень надо ! На сегодня сейчас пожалуста..

Your friend is going canoeing during his / her holidays and wants you to join the group/ Express your opinion about this situation / Use the phrases from the box

I think/dont think a good idea
You d better
I have another opinion
To my mind
I agree that

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    Ответ дан chetvergovaali
    I dont think it's a good idea, because canoeing is very dangerous. Also i havent enough money to buy helmet or special boat. I d better sleep in my bed, go for a walk with my dog or go to the cinema. I see you have another opinion, it's your way, but please be careuful and talk with your parents in advance.
    However I cant disagree that canoening is so interesting, fantastiec and engrossing kind of sport.
    Good luck.
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