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Describe our planet Earth. Write down at least 7 sentences.

Описать нашу планету Земля. Использовать не менее 7 предложений.
Хотя бы на русском, но не слишком сложные предложения. Очень надо!

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    Ответ дан neznajkin
    The Earth is the only known planet where life exists. The scientists call it Blue Planet. And that is true, because it seems blue from the space. The most part of the Earth is covered with water. But at the same time the Earth is a green planet. A lot of plants grow here thus giving us enough oxygen to breath. The temperature that we have here is quite suitable for people, animals, birds, fish and insects to live comfortly. We understand that we should keep our planet in order to leave it nice and blossoming for the future generations.
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