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1) ask questions about the sentence: Yesterday Billy Feynman made a wall newspaper "Tennis Club" for our classroom.
1. Who_______________
2. What did Billy_______________
3.What newspaper____________
4. Where______________________
5. When_________________________
2) придумать 5 разделительных вопросов

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    Ответ дан WhiteNut
    who yesterday made ...
    what did billy yesterday for our classroom
    what newspaper did billy made for our...
    where did billy made a wall newspaper
    when did billy made a wall newspaper for...
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      Ответ дан яна005
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      Ответ дан яна005
      помогите мне!!!!
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      Ответ дан Аккаунт удален
      1)who yesterday made a wall newspaper Tennis Club for our class?
      2)Billy did that yesterday Feynman
      3)what newspapers yesterday Billy Feynman did for our class?
      4)where Billy did Feynman wall newspaper for our class?
      5) When Billy Feynman make newspaper Tennis Club for our class?
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