Опубликовано 1 год назад по предмету Английский язык от Машамаша27

Помогите написать письмо на английском языке об отдыхе

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    Ответ дан Lazlo2013
    Dear Sophia,
    I've got your last letter, in which you wrote about your plans of summer. Making plans for future is a good kind of rest, especially when you are planning future vacantions. I'm glad that you were going to see all your relatives at your big family party. As for my future vacantions, I have already made a plan for them.
      As soon as I pass my exams, I'm going to have a trip to the Caprathian Mountains. I'll travel with my friends and my sndtructor from the tourist club. We are going to have a week's hiking trip so we are preparing for it very carefully.
    After the Carpathian trip I'm going to spend a month at my grandmother's. She lives in a lonely village in the south og our region. I'll have to help my granny about the garden, but I like this work gor a change.
    It is very nice to go to the seaside in summer. But I don't think I'll have time for it this year. 
    With love,  
    (your name)
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