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rap style is so fashionable nowadays it is not only wearing карпюк 9 класс НАйдите пожалуйста продолжение текста(

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    Rap style is so fashionable nowadays.It is not only wearing oversized hoodies1and oversized pants that are pulled downlow. It is also rap language used by manyteens. Here are some rap words andexpressions. Some of them you can oftenhear in songs.Middle-class white teens growing inwealthy neighbourhoods want to getaway from boring America mainstream2culture. They express the generation gap3by listening to music which many parentsfind 'offensive'4 and use words they havenever heard of.But rap wouldn't be rap without its badboyimage. It's well known that some rapsingers used to sell drugs and did otherthings against society. Does it mean rapis dangerous? Some people say 'yes'.Others say 'no'. And what do you think?
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      Огромное спасибо)*
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