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Составить по Present Simple 5 предложение с окончанием s в глагольных ,и без окончание s,тоже 5!!!Плизз=)Тяжко труд+) 

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    Ответ дан Felicita
    Я так понимаю, 5 предложений в 3 лице и 5 в других?
    1. He goes to school every day.
    2. She does homework sometimes.
    3. She visits her friends every week.
    4. Does she gives books to you every lessons?
    5. He writes a letter usually after school.

    1. I go for a walk with my friend every day.
    2. We are go to the cinema every month.
    3. Usually, I get some presents on my Birthday.
    4. They are write a dictation every week.
    5. I drink milk in the every morning/

    Надеюсь, вы не нуждаетесь в переводе?
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