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плис помогите.надо через 20 мин.прошу помогите  МнЕ нАдо ОТВЕТЬ НА ВОПРОСИ ТОЛЬКО НА АНЛИСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ.ПОМОГИТЕ.

1.     How many people are there in your family.2 . would you like have a larger or a smaller family.Why. why not. 3. have you got any brothers or sisters. 5. what traditions have you in your family. СПАСИБО ЗА РАНЕЕ.

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    There are 5 (или сколько человек в твоей семье) members in my family. No, I would not like to have a larger or smaller family, by family is good enough for me. I have two sisters. We have a lot of traditions. One tradition is to gather together around the table on Friday's evening, drinking tea and telling each other how did we spend the week. 
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    1.There are 4 people in my family. 2. I would like to have a big family!  I like children and animals.3. Yes! i have got a hamster! 4. We have not got something special.
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