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помогите составить вопросы к предложениям в Present Simpls используя always, usually, often и т. д. Вот предложения:
Susan often drives from London to Winchester on Friday.
It is always her visiting day.
She usually visits her granny.
She sometimes drives to Guildford to see her aunt.
But she seldom goes to see her uncle.
Hi is a lean man, a mean man.
He is a man who never smiles.
Susan doesnt like him.

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    How often Susan drives from London to Winchester?
    Is it always her visiting day?
    Does she usually visit her granny?
    Does she soeties drive to Guildford to see her aunt?
    Does she seldom go to see her uncle?
    Is he a lean man, a mean man?
    Is he a man who never smiles?
    Does Susan like him?

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