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мое отношение к людям сочинение

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    voryat how many people have so many opinions . And people are different . And how we relate to each other? Is it always understand each other and come to the rescue ?
    I try to treat people kindly. You always want to help somebody . Examples might be when a lot of people to help others.
    For example, I like to help my mother around the house : clean, cook . I very much love my mom and I want to please her . After all, when you help a loved one or even a stranger most of this is nice. In a world of few good people. How often do you walk down the street and see a sullen , resentful of life of people who are constantly dissatisfied with something . Kinder to treat each other with understanding , often smile and laugh no matter how hard. Or walk down the street and see a joyful person and if he is not in the mood , his mood is transferred to you and it makes you smile and it's so cool ! That is, in other words, the mood can be transmitted from one person to another , just the attitude . If we want to be treated with respect, with kindness , and then you need to treat yourself well . In general, everyone needs to take care of each other, their loved ones , friends and relatives. We all need help and support . That's why we have each other . So let's make each other happy! And it needs a little sovem : love , respect, and mutual understanding .
    RS Well, something like that)

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