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Пожалуйста помогите, буду благодарна, небольшое сочинение (7-9 предложений)

You are spending winter holidays with your friend. Talk about it. Include this information:
• Where you are staying;
• What activities you are involved in;
• What you think of the place;
• How you and your friends are celebrating New Year and Christmas.

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    Ответ дан Medvezhon

    Now I'd like to tell you about my  winter holidays.  This year I'm spending my vocation with my friend. And I really enjoy it. I'm staying at her place. Her house is very big and comfortable. And there is a big garden near it. In winter her mum always does an ice rink.  So we will skate there tomorrow.  Moreover there is a good place for skiing.  So I couldn't help skiing. It was wonderful. And  now we are oreparing for Christmas. Every year I spent it with my family but this year I will celebrate it with my friend, so I need to think about everything,  for example, food, presents, her house decoration and others. I'm sure that it will be great. I hope everything will be cool. 

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