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Замените формы глаголов Continuous Active формами глаголов Indefinite Active

1. It is raining now. 2. It is snowing at the moment. 3. Boris is wash­ing his hands at this moment.4. The alarm clock is ringing now. 5. You were wearing a beautiful white dress all morning yesterday. 6. They were dancing in the garden all evening yesterday.7. The wind was blowing from the west from morning till night yesterday.8. It was snowing the whole day yesterday. 9. All morning tomorrow Ann will be waiting for Nick. 10. The cars will be running along this street tomorrow.

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    1. It rains. 2. It snows. 3. Boris washes his hands .4. The alarm clock  rings. 5. You wore  a beautiful white dress  yesterday. 6. They  danced in the garden  yesterday.7. The wind  blew from the west  yesterday.8. It snowed  yesterday. 9. tomorrow Ann will wait for Nick. 10. The cars will  run along this street tomorrow.

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