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1. A there are many real books reader in your class?In what way are they happier than others?

2. in what way have books been important for people throughout our history?

3. what can good books teach people?
4/ What are the few books that every person must read?
5Do you think that books will ever disappear?Why not?
6What would live be like without books?
7What would you call a well published book?Why do people to buy and read good editions of books?
8what should a modern library be like?


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    Ответ дан lalchuk

    1.Yes,there are.They are happier than others because they're know more.
    2. Books help us to take the best of (a) life.
    3.Good books can teach people to be more intelligent and kind.
    4.Every person, at first, must read his nation history.
    5. I think that books will never disappear,because it's the story of his nation.
    6.Life without books is boring and would mean no thought.
    7.For me a well published book is Shakespeare's books.
    8.Modern library should be like..(?)  
                                      Помогла как смогла)

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