Опубликовано 10 месяцев назад по предмету Английский язык от краолтапрп

PRESENT PERFECT В следующих предложениях измените время глагола на Present Perfect. 1. The pupils are writing a dictation. 2. My friend is helping me to solve a difficult problem. 3. I am learning a poem. 4. She is telling them an interesting story. 5. Kate is sweeping the floor. 6. The waiter is putting a bottle of lemonade in front of him. 7. I am eating my breakfast. 8. We are drinking water. 9. He is bringing them some meat and vegetables. 10. You are putting the dishes on the table. 11. They are having tea. 12. She is taking the dirty plates from the table. 13. The children are putting on their coats. Раскройте скобки вставив форму Present Perfect 1. John (write) his name. 2. I (draw) a picture. 3. Tom (blow out ) the light. 4. The cat (drink) its milk. 5. The tree (fall) across the road. 6. John (give) his bicycle to his brother. 7. You (make) a mistake. 8. We (eat) our dinner. 9. The train just (go). 10. I just (tell) the answer. 11. George never (be) in Australia. 12. John and Richard just (go away). 13. The baker (sell) all his cakes. 14. I (read) this book. Вставьте have/has + один из следующих глаголов в третьей форме в пропущенные в предложениях места. Break, buy, finish, do, go, go, lose, paint, read, take "Are they still having dinner?” "No, they have finished.” 1. I _____________ some new shoes. Do you want to see them? 2. "Is Tom here?” "No, he _____________ to work.” 3. "__________ you __________ the shopping” "No, I’m going to do it later.” 4. "Where’s your key?” "I don’t know. I _____________ it.” 5. Look! Somebody _____________ that window. 6. Your house looks different. __________ you __________ it? 7. I can’t find my umbrella. Somebody _____________ it. 8. I’m looking for Sarah. Where __________ she __________? 9. "Do you want the newspaper?” "No, thanks. I _____________ it.”

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