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Сочинение на английском на тему"хобби и интересы"(Занимаюсь футболом,баскетболом)надо пояснить какие хобби бывают и рассказать о моих интересах.

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    Hobbies - an important part of everyone's life. Thanks to the hobby we can spend free time,
    to develop, to learn something new and just enjoy the pleasure of your favorite things. Hobbies
    are different. Someone interested in creative work: painting, photography, weaving, knitting.
    Someone is interested in mechanics: repairing cars, studying books on mechanics.
    Someone is interested in modeling: collects airplanes, racing cars. And I am fond of sports.

    Of all the sports to me the most interesting football. I always watch the football events,
    news in the world of football. I never miss a football match on TV. And in the summer when it's
    warm and sunny, my friends and I go out to play in the yard.I also like to travel to various
    football games. It is such a pleasure - to watch live games from the stands! I have a favorite
    team, for which I am a fan.

    My hobby brings me not only fun, but also benefit - football
    improves health, leg muscles, allows you to keep yourself in shape. I believe that everyone
    should have their hobby, it's so exciting - to know yourself in something new, explore new
    boundaries of your favorite things.

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