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1 Underline the most appropriate verbs.



1.      When he was a boy, he used to live/usually lives on a boat.

2.      She suddenly was running/ran out of the room.

3.      We had never met/never met her before.

4.      They aren't/aren't being very happy at the moment.

2 Use the cues in brackets and the Past Perfect Continuous to explain the situations.

1.      They were tired, (study all weekend) ...        

2.      Sue couldn't answer the teacher's questions, (not listen in the lesson) ...      

3.      Pete bought a new motorbike last week, (save for months)   ...

4.      My clothes were wet through when I arrived, (rain hard) ...

5.      We felt ill. (eat chocolates all evening) ...      

5 Complete the multi-part verbs.

1.      He's good at basketball. He's just got ... the national team.

2.      He goes ... for wearing a lot of black.

3.      She didn't do well in the exams but she put ... a brave face.

4.      I went... Mike when he made fun of my sister.







  1. Ответ
    Ответ дан Hel51

    used to live


    had never met



    they had been studying 
    she hadn't been listening the lesson

    he had been saving for a month
    it had been raining hard

    we had been eating chocolates all evening





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