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...Yesterday we were having a test and my teacher saw me using my mobile.  l would like to find some information on the internet. of course she sent me out and  called  my parents. Now it`s forbidden to use my new smart phone and my father gave the old one and i can only call and send massages. is it allowed to use phone at your school?Do you use it during lessons?And what is the reaction of your teachers?


...Вчера мы проводили испытания и мой учитель увидел меня, используя мое mobile., я бы хотел узнать какую-либо информацию в Интернете, конечно, она послала меня на улицу и позвонил моим родителям. Теперь запрещается использовать мой новый смартфон и мой отец отдал старую, и я могу только звонить и отправлять услуги массажистов. возможно использование телефона в вашей школе? вы используйте его во время уроков?И какова реакция ваших учителей?







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    Dear,.......(имя друга)

    i'm very sorry for you.But don't wory it's just for some time.i'm sure that you'll get your phone soon.But i want to give you advice Never use your mobile phone during the lessons, especially during  tests!there are some reasons:

    1Certainly,teacher will be angry,you may show yourself with your negative side,like disrespect for her.

    2and it would be hard for you to concentrate your mind to the lesson.

    3Your classmates may think that it's unfair.Because in the internet it is possible to find the correct answer.So that you use not your brain,internet's service.

    But you can use it when your teacher goes out,or something else, just when you need it so much,but quietly!

    i wish you goood luck!


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