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да вы не поняли! нудно не про москву доклад а как я была в москве! вы что совсем на картинку не смотрите???нужно типо путешесвие в москве и там есть слова их нужно использовать(слова по английски на картинке)

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    Moscow, as Russia's capital city, is home to over 10 million residents and countless non-residents. While the population consists mainly of ethnic Russians, other groups are represented in relatively small numbers.
    Moscow has held a top spot in the world's most expensive cities and may continue to do so. Moscow is an international business center, and global corporations have, with the fall of the Soviet Union, set up corporate branches in Moscow. Industries like hospitality have risen to meet the need, ensuring that Moscow continues to grow.With the Moscow Kremlin located in the heart of the city, Moscow is the seat of Russia's government. Just as the tsars once ruled over Russia, so now does the Russian president. Visitors to Moscow today can see architecture that dates to Ivan the Terrible's reign and gain insight into how Russia's way of life has long differed from that of the West.Russia's greatest writers were familiar with Moscow, and many lived in the capital city at some point during their lives. Some were born there, others died there, but they all left important traces of their lives for literary visitors to pay homage to. Moscow is home to many Russian author museums that seek to stop time for the writers' greatest fans.Moscow's metro system is fast and efficient. While its unforgiving crowds and system of stops may take some getting used to, it's possible to travel all over the city inexpensively and easily using the metro. A bonus is the Moscow's metro stations are attractions in themselves. Opulently decorated in fine materials by master craftsmen, the Moscow metro stations are a unique and impressive aspect to Russia's transit system! Russia's capital city is expensive, and the closer to the center you stay, the more expensive your accomodations will be. For travelers on a budget, it's prudent to stay on the outside of the city and take the metro into the center.

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