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2. the wellers' friends have done a lot before the coming holigay.
what are they doing during the holiday if they have done the following?

Fred has bought a ticket to Washington.
Pam has read a guide about Edinbugh.
Nelly"s father has bought a new caravan.
Phil and his parents have bought fancy dress costumes.
Maria has decorated her room with balloons and flowers.
Misha and Vera have bought wonderful souvenirs at a Russian shop.
Rick"s parents have bought new swimming costumes.

They are relaxing at the sea an August.
They are going to Maria"s birthday party.
She is celebrating her birthday on Saturday.
She is spending summer in Scotland.
They are travelling by car and staying at the caravan camping on holiday.
He is going to the USA soon.
They are taking part in the carnival in Italy soon

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