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My Mother’s Birthday
Task I: read & comprehend the following story.
My name is Kate. My family is a typical Russian family. There are four of us. I have got a mother. Her name is Ann. She is a teacher. She is very kind. Her hobbies are singing and shopping. My mother is fond of reading detective stories.
My father`s name is Peter. He is a driver. He is clever and sporty. My father is fond of fishing. My brother Nick is small. He is only four. He likes playing with his toys.
We are a close and friendly family. We like to spend time and holidays together.
Tomorrow it will be my mother’s birthday. My brother and I will go shopping together with our father. We are going to buy our mum a birthday present. It will be a nice scarf. She would like to have a white one. And we shall buy flowers for her, too.
Tomorrow my brother and I will clean the flat. We won’t be lazy. Father will help us. Then we’ll make our kitchen clean and bright. Tomorrow we will lay the table. We would like our mother to be happy.

Task II: decide whether the following sentences are true or false, correct the false ones.
1.There are five people in Kate’s family.
2.Kate’s father is helpful.
3.Tomorrow it will be Kate’s birthday.
4.Kate will get a present tomorrow.
5.Kate’s mother will get a red scarf for her birthday.
6.Tomorrow Kate and her brother will clean the flat.
7.Kate and her brother won’t be lazy tomorrow.
8.Tomorrow the family will lay the table.

Task III: answer the following questions.
1.Whose birthday will the family celebrate tomorrow?
2.What present will mother get for her birthday?
3. Do you think Kate’s family is friendly? Why?

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