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1) I ( am going/go) to the circus tomorrow. 2) (Does the film begin/Is the film beginning) at 4 o`clock? 3) It (is going to be/is)Sunday tomorrow. 4) The show( is going to start/starts) at 7. 5) My brother (is going to become/becomes) an engineer.6 ) This museum (is opening/opens) early in the morning. 7) The children (are watching/watch) a new film tomorrow.

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    Ответ дан BrainPull
    1) Am going
    2) Does this film begin
    3) Is
    4) Starts
    5) Is going to become
    6) opens
    7) will watch (в 7 нет правильного ответа, по крайней мере я его не вижу т.к. в нем есть вспомогательное слово tomorrow с которым может применяться Future Simple или To be going to)
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      7 The children are watching the new film tomorrow.
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