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Complete the sentences with COME or GO.
1)You and your friend are in the classroom.You say,"Lets ... to the gym."
2))You and your friend are in the street.You say,"I*d like to ... to the sweet shop."
3)You are in the house.Your friend is in the street.You say," ... in and have a cup of tea with me".
4)Your friend is in his/her house.You are at home.You say," ... to my place,i have a wonderful video to watch."
5)You are at home.Your mother is at work.You say,"When will you ... home,mum?"
6)You and your mother are at home.You say,"I*m not ... out tonight.I*m staying at home."

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    1)go 2)go 3)come 4)come 5)go
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